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Kaylesh Pandya DO, MSBI - Founder and CEO

Dr. Kaylesh "KK" Pandya (he/him) is an Osteopathic Physician, board certified in Family Medicine and practicing in Florida. Stay At Home Docs is the synthesis of his passions for humanistic patient-centered care, judicious use of emerging technologies, and interdisciplinary problem solving. He is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Biomedical Informatics at Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine, and has been a TEDMED Front-Line Scholar. Prior to practicing medicine, Dr. Pandya worked throughout the IT and computer security sectors, granting him a powerful understanding of the challenges of telemedicine.

In early 2020, when facing the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Pandya proactively converted his private practice to a fully online presence. This unorthodox move allowed him to not only meet the needs of his existing patients, but to expand and diversify his patient panel. Stay At Home Docs grew from his desire to support his colleagues in developing and operating their own telemedicine practices.

Dr. Pandya's clinical interests include Neuromuscular Medicine, Traumatic Brain Injury, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, Hypermobility  Disorders, and Wilderness Medicine. As a passionate humanitarian, he has volunteered extensively in the aftermath of hurricanes, earthquakes, and the COVID-19 pandemic. He is bilingual in Spanish and enjoys traveling, juggling, and 3D printing.

Our Mission: Let Doctors be Doctors

Stay At Home Docs has partnered with top-tier vendors to support you in establishing your own company, electronic health records system, website, brand, and virtual backoffice team. We want to give physicians the tools to establish and operate their own telemedicine practice, from scheduling to billing.

By partnering with vendors who already provide and support these individual products and services, Stay At Home Docs offers you an integrated, standards-compliant, cloud-based platform for your practice. You will work directly with dedicated experts to develop, customize, and launch your private practice.

Don’t have your own practice yet? We can help you become a Stay At Home Doc. We have partnered with teams that can guide you through company formation, website and brand development, choosing an EHR platform, merchant services, and attracting new patients to your practice.

This platform is designed for physicians who are interested in establishing and maintaining their own private practice, but not sure where to start. We want to help you choose the correct tools, with ownership of the tools moving forward. We will work with you to establish your practice, and learn the fundamentals of telemedicine practice management.

Our Trusted Team

Champagne Girten
Champagne Girten (she/her)

Chief Operating Officer

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Tim O'Brien (he/him)

Chief Information Security Officer

Adrian Villareal, DO
Adrian Villareal, DO (he/him)

Chief Medical Officer

Colleen Pinto
Colleen Pinto (she/her)

Marketing Director

Tom Trelvik
Tom Trelvik (he/him)

Systems Engineer

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Naomi Colvin (they/them)

Customer Relations Manager

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