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Letting Doctors be Doctors

Stay At Home Docs has partnered with top-tier vendors to support you in establishing your own company, electronic health records system, website, brand, and virtual backoffice team. We want to give physicians the tools to establish and operate their own telemedicine practice, from scheduling to billing.

By partnering with vendors who already provide and support these individual products and services, Stay At Home Docs offers you an integrated, standards-compliant, cloud-based platform for your practice. You will work directly with dedicated experts to develop, customize, and launch your private practice.

Don’t have your own practice yet? We can help you become a Stay At Home Doc. We have partnered with teams that can guide you through company formation, website and brand development, choosing an EHR platform, merchant services, and attracting new patients to your practice.

This platform is designed for physicians who are interested in establishing and maintaining their own private practice, but not sure where to start. We want to help you choose the correct tools, with ownership of the tools moving forward. We will work with you to establish your practice, and learn the fundamentals of telemedicine practice management.

​Services Built for Telemedicine

Stay At Home Docs addresses more than just the technology needed to be a doctor in these difficult times. Our initial consultation is free, with a Physician who specializes in meeting the technology needs of independent physicians. We will take our time to understand your goals, practice philosophy, and unique needs, and develop a step-by-step plan to establish your own private practice and 'hang your shingle' online.

The tools in the Stay At Home Docs Suite are built specifically for telemedicine, with many practices not requiring a dedicated brick and mortar clinic space. The Physician can run all aspects of their practice from the comfort of their home office. This is ideal for a Physician who wants a private practice in addition to their existing employment, or to explore new models of Direct Primary Care, Direct Specialty Care, and Integrative Telemedicine. We want to help you innovate.

Choose Your Level of Service

Every practice is as unique as its Physician. We strive to understand the individual goals, practice philosophy, resources and challenges that each client may encounter while becoming a Stay At Home Doc, and tailor our services to match. We will develop a step-by-step strategy and checklist to successfully launch your practice.

We will identify what aspects of practice management each client would like to handle themselves, and which may be contracted to a specialist, and will develop these relationships. Our goal is for you to enjoy your individualized telemedicine practice, and focus on providing personalized care for your patients.

​Business Licensing, Insurance, Mentorship

There is no medical school rotation in Entrepreneurship. Physicians are increasingly treated as interchangeable contractors, not as stakeholders in a medical practice. Stay At Home Docs builds the practice to suit the Physician. We support our clients through legally establishing a company, securing business licenses and tax identification numbers, obtaining insurance coverage, and the challenges of launching a small business. Ongoing support, training and mentorship is available to our clients to ensure their success.

Secure Website and Workspace

Your website is the foundation of your Stay At Home Docs practice. Our web development team will design an online presence distinctive to your needs, including developing a logo and brand identity. Sites are hosted in a HIPAA-Compliant WordPress installation, and are integrated with a practice's Electronic Health Record system. Email, phone, and fax service are configured in a HIPAA-Compliant Google Workspace environment. This allows the practice to adapt to changing business conditions.

​Cloud-Based EHR and Patient Portal

Electronic Health Records are central to a telemedicine practice. Stay At Home Docs works with our clients to select an EHR platform best suited to the unique challenges of private telemedicine. We work closely with vendors and clients to provide a comprehensive, cloud-based EHR solution including secure video, patient portal, and e-prescribe functionality. We also support platforms tailored for Integrative Medicine, Direct Primary Care, Direct Specialty Care and Functional Medicine practices. 

​HIPAA Compliance Training and Auditing

We are zealous about information security. All aspects of the Stay At Home Docs platform have been developed to meet the stringent requirements of compliance with HIPAA. We provide each client with a Business Associate Agreement, both from ourselves and key vendors, attesting to our commitment to your patients' Protected Health Information.

Each client is paired with a HIPAA Compliance Coach, and taken through a comprehensive risk assessment, security audit, and developing protocols for incident management, consent forms and templates. This ensures a Stay At Home Doc meets and understands the complex requirements of this federal law.

Practice Management Toolkit

The Stay At Home Docs platform provides a comprehensive toolkit for all aspects of administering a private telemedicine practice, not just for patient care. Important tasks like payroll, new employee onboarding, marketing, and payment processing are supported. Clients may choose to offload these tasks to vendors, so they can focus on patient care.

Virtual Backoffice Staffing

Healthcare is rapidly changing. Virtual healthcare back-office staffing solutions can help physicians reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and be more patient-focused.  Transcribing, organizing, and documenting the various medical records manually can be a complicated and time-consuming process. A virtual back office assistant can make those tasks simple, expedient and efficient saving the physician time, money and anxiety.

​Reputation Management, Social Media, and Lead Generation

Stay At Home Docs works with our clients to establish a definitive and comprehensive online presence, including listing your practice on Google, to ensure your patients and colleagues can connect with you. We can keep you informed of new reviews posted by patients, so you can respond promptly. We also work with clients to develop a social media presence and strategy on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Our partners can help you develop and implement a marketing strategy to recruit and retain patients to your practice using targeted advertising, qualified lead generation, social media campaigns and marketing funnels.

Payment Processing and Insurance Claims

Telemedicine has enabled a diversity of reimbursement models. Whether you plan to run a cash-only practice, develop a subscription-based model, or submit claims to insurance carriers, Stay At Home Docs has a solution for you. We will help you choose and implement a payment processing system, and establish a relationship with an insurance clearinghouse. Our specialists can advise you in applying for credentialing with Medicare and commercial insurance carriers.

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